Benefits of Low Viscosity Lubricant Applicators

Consistent Delivery:  No dripping of lubrication on the chain of product as with conventional drip or brush lubricators. 

Extended Chain Life:  Precise delivery of lubricant to the sliding and rolling elements of the chain provides extended life of the chain pins, links, sliding wear surfaces, and bearings.

Reduced Lubrication Consumption:  By applying the lubricant in smaller quantities, where and when it's needed, lubrication reduction of 50% to 75% are achieved to the wear points with no over spray.

Overall Power Savings:  Proper lubrication of the chain surfaces and rolling wheel components greatly reduces friction. This reduction in friction will result in a power saving by a decrease in amperage draw of the chain drive motor.

Lubrication Equipment

Apical Conveyor Systems supplies a wide range of lubricators to suit almost any application:

  • Monorail lubricator
  • Enclosed track lubricator
  • Free Carrier Lubricator
  • Inverted Power & Free
  • Floor Chain Lubricator
  • CC5 Lubricator
  • Drive Cat Chain Lubricator
  • Hinged Steel Belt (Scrap conveyors)

Central System Lubricators

(For Multiple Lines)

With the constant pressure on maintenance budgets, more customers are finding that central reservoir systems are initially less expensive to install and more cost effective to maintain.  In multi-chain plants, this can offer you considerable savings in labour and help avoid downtime and premature wear due to improper lubrication.

The Central Track reservoir can be controlled and monitored from a central computer.  Its multitude of optional condition sensor provide feedback on fluid level, line pressure, drive current, take-up position and many more.  Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, GSM/SMS, MODBUS and CANopen networking plus remote access for data acquisition and program download.


Key Benefits

  • Large 204L capacity
  • Full range of condition sensors
  • Can be controlled by any computer
  • Text messaging
  • Central Power Supply and Reservoir
  • Simple Microprocessor Controls
  • Supplies up to 10 heads 75 M. away
  • Low-Level Alarm with Flow Sensing
  • Pre-mounted on modified rail section
  • Requires 120VAC, no air!

Mini Drum Lubrication Equipment Apical Conveyor SystemsMini-Drum

The Mini-Drum Lubrication Unit is a cost effective alternative to the Central Tank Unit.  With it's 57L capacity and basic operation, the Mini-Drum unit can provide adequate lubrication and long service life for small to medium lubrication applications.


Key Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • Low Floor Space Requirement
  • Highly Reliable
  • Requires 120VAC, no air!
  • Low Level Alarm

Self-Contained Lubricators

(For Single Lines)



  • Built-In Power Supply and Reservoir
  • Simple Microprocessor Controls
  • 4 Liter Reservoir Capacity
  • Low-Level Alarm
  • Requires 120VAC and air
  • Permanent E-Prom memory backup
  • Pre-mounted on modified rail section