Apical Technologies Inc. was originally founded in 1991 by Chris and Cathy Holder. Their focus was on conveyor lubrication and maintenance. As distributors for S&G Technologies they provided lubricants, lubricators and monitoring equipment. It was clear that there was a big gap in the maintenance of conveying equipment. It was not uncommon for a customer to mistakenly call in Apical to service their lubrication equipment only to find out that their conveyor systems was in poor repair.

In 1997 Apical Conveyor Systems Inc. was born. Chris Holder and Terry Mailloux combined their many years of manufacturing experience in the automotive industry to fill the void in conveyor maintenance. With steady growth the company went from a small shop in Tavistock to our present 4,500 sq. foot facility in Bothwell, ON. Apical Conveyor Systems amalgamated Apical Technologies in 2006 to streamline their operations and provide a comprehensive maintenance package.

The result is a dynamic company that is a single source for conveyor maintenance, conveyor systems and all types material handling conveyors.