Our Service

Our focus at Apical is on Preventative and Predictive Maintenance using the latest and most advanced technology available. Our areas of specialization are Paint and Pretreatment Systems, (E-Coat, Top Coat, Powder Coat, Phosphate/Wash Lines), also all types of Conveyor Systems (Scrap, Enclosed Track, Overhead Monorail, Power and Free, Inverted). Apical Conveyor Systems Inc. can provide a complete, customized service and inspection program to suit your every need. From your basic belt and roller conveyors to the most complex overhead conveyor. Apical Conveyor Systems Inc.has been a leader in conveyor preventative maintenance since 1991, we have the experience and expertise to get you up and running and keep you running. Let an Apical Conveyor Systems service and inspection package be the missing link between your conveyor and improved efficiency and productivity, with less down time.

We know that to you every second of downtime counts. To prevent valuable loss of production time, your conveyor system and its individual components must run at peak performance and have the utmost in reliability. Through our customized service contracts, knowledgeable and experienced service team, and detailed inspection reports you will know of potential problems before they become catastrophic failures.

Proper lubrication and cleaning is key to the performance for any equipment, and Apical Conveyor Systems are the lubrication specialists, from installation to inspection, to brushes and accessories we have what it takes to keep your conveyor clean and performing at its best.

Up coming projects, modifications to existing conveyors, new conveyors or conveyor systems, process or equipment changes? Let our design and consulting team guide you through, then let our service team take it from paper to your plant. Need a custom rack, stand, or platform? We can help you there too, from concept to design, fabrication to installation we have the tools to get it built right.